5 Most useful new Android apps of the Month-June 2016

These are List of 5 useful newly released apps for android June 2016.So definitely give them a try.

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- viggilucifer


#1 RasPi Check

 RasPi Check shows you over clocking information (frequency, temperature, volts) and more system information (free memory, runtime, disk status). You can also restart or halt your Raspberry Pi and send custom commands!

If you always want to keep an eye on your Pi there's also a widget for your home screen.

       All you need for the app to work are your SSH login credentials. You can either authentificate via password or via private/public key.

Check this out:

Download from Playstore.


#2 Screenshot Join

 Screenshot Join app helps you to merge multiple screenshots into a long picture - Share a long text conversations or a website with friends. Don't clutter your friends with tons of screenshots, but send just one image!

    It's quite easy to join pics vertically or horizontally or in any direction with a simple drag. It's a user friendly app and it's easy to share!

Check this out:

Download from Playstore.

#3 Cinematics: The Movie Guide

Cinematics: The Movie Guide for Android (a TMDb client): The fastest, easiest way to find and discover movies and actors on your device. Now includes IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings and reviews!

There is not Much to say about this app simply it's all about movies and entertainment.

Check this out:

Download from Playstore.

#4 TODOlist

 it's the best task list apps that I have used its Pretty simple and user friendly with all the basic content that should be there in a task list as well as the materialistic design to look cool it arrange your task in a sequential manner like a task for tomorrow your task for the next day your task for the week so on it sends you a mail if the task is incomplete which looks awesome so definitely check this out

Download from Playstore.

#5 Smart volume controller

 Smart Volume Controller is a simple app that can silence your phone automatically, based on one or more conditions (sound profiles):

  • Location (office / school / home)
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Bluetooth
  • Charging state
  • Activity (in a vehicle / on a bicycle / on foot)
  • Time
  •  This free smart sound profiles app can also automatically turn on vibration mode, set a specific volume level for the ring volume or mute the phone sound. We have focussed on the simplicity of the app, that is how we differentiate Smart Volume Controller from apps like Tasker or Automate.

    Check this out:

    Download from Playstore.


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