Access DarkNet|Deepweb Onion sites on Windows,Linux and Android

What is Darknet,Deepweb or Onion site?The hidden internet,Learn how to access darknet on Windows,Linux and android using tor browser.

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What is Darknet or Deepweb?

Deepweb or Darknet is the annonymous internet hidden from the most internet users and search engines.In simple words its an annoymous internet and only accessible with onion routing.Onion routing is a techinque in which encrypted data is transmitted through a network of servers called nodes to form annonymous communication in the network making it very hard to trace.Read More about Onion Routing.Generally all websites in the darknet have an extenison ".onion".You can find darknet search engines,socialnetworking, and many legal and illegal market places. it may sound scary but the network is secured enough for darknet users.There is no cash or check exchange on deepweb you need to use bitcoin exchange.

Studies estimate that deep web can consist more than  7.5petabytes of information i,e more than 7500GB of will find everything from drugs to hitman and hackers legal and illegal market places with good and bad it depends on how you utilise it.Annoymous users sell hacked credit cards,fake passports and even weapons on darknet.Some internet activists and journalists use darkweb for communication.however any service or product from the deep web is not really trustable.This tutorial is for educational purpose and we are not responsible for the content you browse on the darknet.

Accessing Darknet from Windows & Linux:

You have to Download the tor browser which enables onion routing allowing you to access darkweb or darknet.

Download & Install TorBrowser Here


1.)Open Torbrowser 


2.)Open the Below url to find some onion links

This tor circuit helps you to browse the darknet anonymously.

You can configure more security settings by clicking the onion icon.

Accessing Darknet from Android:

To access darknet or deepweb from android you have to download and install
1.) Orbot proxy with tor 
2.) Orbot web browser

Download Orbot  Proxy with tor Here

Download Orbot Web Browser Here

1.)Open Orbot proxy and Long press the start button to start onion proxy on android.

Wait for a second and the android symbol turns green indicating the success ful completion of routing.

Click Check browser to open orbot web browser and press go from the menu and type to find some onion sites.






a year ago

I am always curious as what darknet is... As much as I want to surf on that page there is always a hesitation on my part because i'm afraid that most of the user of darknet are hackers and I might get hack by them. Regards

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