Airmirror allows you to control your android from Pc,Mac and Web

Airdroid's Airmirror recent update added support for airmirror to work on web version allowing you control your android device from the web version.

2 years ago

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- wishnuprathikantam


AirDroid let's you transfer files,see missed call,messages and other notifications directly on your pc,play video and music on your device,take your device screenshots from pc,install apk file [Apps] from pc,copy content from your device clipboard,see through the lens of your device's camera remotely and AirMirror features mirrors your android screen to pc, so you play games and control your android directly from pc.

AirDroid is undoubtedly the best way to manage your Android device.With it's release of native desktop clients for windows and mac and the most awesome feature AirMirror it's my favourite way of managing my android device.AirDroid has recently added support for AirMirror on the web version.

Control your Android Device  - AirDroid

Download the AirDriod 3 from playstore.

Download AirDroid - AirDroid Official Website.

Install the App and Grant the required permissions and SignIn to your AirDriod account.

From your browser goto and SignIn to your account.

When your device is connected you can recieve notifications on your pc and also let's you control your android device.

You can use the tool box to transfer files,simply drag a file from your pc to  the toolbox to transfer it to your device.

The clipboard tool let's you copy the text from your device clipboard and the url tool let's you open URL on your device.

you can also access music,photos,videos,ringtones on your device.AirMirror let's you directly control your android device.

 You can get the desktop clients from their official website.



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