Browse the web,Watch youtube with friends at 500mbps speed. lets you browse the internet,watch youtube,net flix with your friends at really high speeds (500mbps).

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- wishnuprathikantam


I was always searching for a way to boost my internet connection,tried a million softwares and tricks like windows registry editing tricks nothing really worked.These tricks and softwares can help you clear the operating system restrictions (That's what they say) but you can't really get the speed that you wanted.Moreover,these softwares can make your operating system misbehave.But yeah i found something more interesting than what i was searching ,here it is.


Well,The title said "Browse the web,Watch youtube with friends at 500mbps speed." is it true? yes with the help of

Rabbit ( lets you watch Youtube,Netflix and browse internet at really high speeds and the best part you can invite your friends to join with you.

Yeah but how is it possible? you won't be getting 500mbps speed @ your pc but when you sign up to rabbit you will get access to Remote Desktop with a Mozilla Firefox browser.So you can browse the internet,watch Youtube,Netflix and also allows you to video calling and conference however you will require a decent speed internet connection to view the remote desktop.

You can also use when you want to download very large files and upload them to your cloud servers.

Here are few Screenshots.


Definitely try this out.


SignUp and fill your details and choose an option to start rabbit cast.You can also invite your friends to join you.

Rabbit for Iphone

If you're an iphone user you can download rabbit,you can enjoy watching movies with your friends.



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