Dual Whatsapp-Instagram(Two Whatsapp & Two Instagram)Accounts|Apps in one android

How to use two whatsapp & instgram accounts in one android mobile?This tutorial doesnt require root access.You can manage two whatsapp & insta accounts simultaneously.

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Most of android users have a dual sim,but whatsapp allows only one number for instant messaging there are many guides for installing modded whatsapp which support for managing multiple accounts  like Whatsmapp,OGWhatsapp and some other whatsapp plus mods but they don't work when whatsapp latest versions are released and you won't find an updated whatsapp mod.We will see how to install multiple whatsapp account using disa app and how to install two instagram accounts using modded instagram apk file.

Installing Two Whatsapp Accounts:

Developers modify an andriod apk file so that the apk file doesn't conflict the original file and a user can install and run the modified apk file simultaneously with the original apk file installed on your device.

You have many modded whatsapp versions - OGWhatsapp,GBWhatsapp,WhatsMapp,Whatsfapp..etc all these versions can run parallely with the official Whatsapp Messenger.

So can i install 5 or 6 whatsapp accounts simultaneously?Yes,but the whatsapp sometimes may block numbers using modded whatsapp versions and these modded versions may not work anymore with latest whatsapp release since whatsapp doesn't allow old versions so you have to search for an updated whatsapp mod again.

So you can use the Disa App which unites facebook,whatsapp and native messaging app at one place.

Download the Disa app and follow the below procedure.


1.)Open Disa app and tap on '+' icon to add whatsapp service.

2.) Click the icon to setup whatsapp account information.

 3.) Enter Name & Mobile Number with country code and click next.

4.)Verify the whatsapp account via sms or via phone call and enjoy!.

In sms verification it may show you wait for 30minutes or X minutes don't worry wait for a few seconds and try again.

Installing Two Instagram Accounts:

Instagram modded apk version : Instwogram

Install instwogram and login to manage another account simutaneously with the official instagram app.

Download instagram modded version from xda forum

Open instwogram and login to your second account and you can use your first account in the official instagram app.



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