ESTI'S Eye Case Adds an Android phone to your iPhone

You heard it right! This iPhone case adds a android touch screen to your iPhone.You can use both IOS and Android.

12 months ago

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- wishnuprathikantam


Are you an iPhone owner? and missing a lot of Android features? or You want both of them in one device?. Here is a good news for all those tech geeks who love both ios and Android devices.The ESTI'S Eye is an iPhone case which attaches an entire android phone to the back of an iPhone.

One side of your device is ios and the other side is Android.Personally, i wanted to dual boot ios and android but you know it is never an easy thing to do and this could be a better solution instead of dual booting I now have an iPhone case which lets me use ios and android on the same device.

The ETSI'S Eye smart iPhone case shares the speakers, microphone, and camera of iPhone and it has got two SIM card slots, an IR Blaster, 3.5MM  headphone jack, a Powerful battery and a 5-inch AMOLED display.It is just a stand alone android device attached to the back of an iPhone case.The internal features specs are not yet revealed by the company and the case is available for iPhone and the plus variants. The case is expected with a 2,800mah battery and runs Android 7.1 Nougat and gets updates for two years.

The Eye smart iPhone case is available to back on Kickstarter with a price of 95$(Without 4G) and 129$(With 4G) and the company hopes to ship to backers in august or September later this year.

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