How to Make your own Hike Stickers.

Learn How to convert yourself into a Hike sticker or Create your own hike sticker just in simple steps Using powerpoint or any png image creator.

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- wishnuprathikantam


Hike Messenger is one of the popular messaging app. it offers a lot of features than other messengers. Features include messaging, chat themes, stickers, voice calls, hidden mode and more. The messenger includes a lot of chat stickers and 30% of the messenger's traffic comes from stickers.

I have been using the app for a long time and once while I was texting my friend I thought it would be cool if I can design a hike sticker. I did some research for a couple of hours and came up with this article.

So in this post, I'll be highlighting all the methods to create your own hike stickers.


Let see how these stickers are designed and how they work when you send them in a conversation.

Hike Stickers are png (Portable Network graphics) images (Transparent Images) which are created by graphic designers.These stickers have a predefined code in the messenger's database whenever you send a sticker to your friend the code of the sticker is sent to your friend's hike application,the code is processed and the sticker is displayed in your friends hike messenger.All the stickers you download are stored in your phone's storage.

Knowing this it is clear that you can't send a png image as a hike sticker as there is no specific code for the png image you designed in the messenger's database.You can send the png image as an image file.

Method 1:

Using Bobble Stickers & Keyboard App.

This is a simple and easy method which anyone can follow.

Bobble Stickers & Keyboard App offers a lot of features to make your own stickers.


1.You can convert your selfies to stickers.

2.You can download more stickers packs.

3.You can store the sticker on cloud storage.

4.You can create comic stories from stickers.

5.You can use the stickers in WhatsApp, hike, and other messaging apps.

and more.

Get Booble stickers and Keyboard app here

Bobble Stickers & Keyboard App Android - Playstore.

Bobble Stickers & Keyboard App iOS - iTunes.

Method 2:

Creating a Hike Sticker Using Photoshop or GIMP.

If you're familiar with photoshop or GIMP or any photo editor you can easily create Hike stickers.

Create an Image size :  297x294 approx.

Design the sticker with the help of tools provided in the software.

and export the image as PNG image.

You can also download royalty free images from The Web and include them in your design.

Copy the png image to your phone and send it as an image to your friend.



Method 3:

Creating a Hike Sticker Using Microsoft Powerpoint.

You can also edit images using Microsoft power point.

Using the Shapes in the powerpoint

Try to draw Something (Using the scribble).


Design the sticker using the Shapes.

When you are done press CTRL+A (Select all) and CTRL+G (Group as one item).

Now Right click on the Grouped image and click save as picture.


Then save it as PNG image.

Resize the png image to 297x294 approx. 


Instead of sending it as an image can't we use it from hike sticker panel?

You can't send PNG images in that way i have seen articles and youtube videos where you are supposed to add the png image to hike's sticker folder then you can see the png image in hike sticker panel but your friend is not going to recieve it as it doesn't have any code in messenger's database.

I have replaced a default sticker with the penguin image and when i sent it to my friend he received the original sticker.

But you can make use of Bobble Stickers & Keyboard App that lets you choose stickers from its keyboard.




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