Nokia 3 , Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 Phones: Why and What to buy?

Lets look at the complete Nokia re-entry story and all the pros and cons of the smartphones.

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Nokia is one of the popular smartphone brands and it was an absolute innovator offering a very good build quality back then.But does the brand offer the same now? I would say that the answer is 'Yes'.

I guess you've already heard about the Nokia brand re-entry to the smartphone market.HMD Global which acquired the branding rights of Nokia is now creating smartphones with Nokia brand name.HMD Global is a company started by former Nokia employees and so it is not a different company operating as is Nokia.The HMD Global announced three smartphones in the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2017 and first released the Nokia 6 in China and received an expected response."Nokia 6 has crossed one million registration in flash sale when it was launched in China exclusively through an e-commerce site ( ."  reports claimed.

"Nokia 6 has crossed one million registration in flash sale when it was launched in China exclusively through an e-commerce site ( ."  reports claimed.

On June 13 the three smartphones were announced to enter the Indian market.Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 are available in offline markets from July 7th and Nokia 6 is available exclusively on Amazon.The sale starts on July 14th and coming to specifications.

Nokia 6

14,999 INR

1.) Good Build Quality  

Unibody metal feels solid in hand.

Absolutely Feels like a Nokia.

2.) Qualcomm Snapdragon 430

3.) RAM:4GB (Arte Black Edition) 3GB in other colors

4.) Storage:32GB/64GB (Arte Black) 

5.) NFC Support

6.) Dolby ATMOS

7.) Finger print sensor

8.) 16MP Rear/8MP Front Camera

You can check out the full specs here:

Nokia 5

12,899 INR

1.) Good Build Quality

2.) Qualcomm Snapdragon 430

3.) RAM:2GB

4.) Storage:16GB

5.) NFC Support

6.) Finger print sensor

7.) 13MP Rear/8MP Front Camera

Both the phones are powered by a 3000mah battery

Full Specs for Nokia 5 :

Nokia 3

9,499 INR

1.) Polycarbonate body

2.)Mediatek chipset

3.)2GB RAM

4.)8MP Rear and Front Camera

No fingerprint sensor and no NFC support.

Full Specs for Nokia 5:

All the phones provide you a pure Android Nougat experience with the stock UI.Nokia has promised updates for all the phones and security patches every month.

I have heard a lot of opinions from people that the phones are overpriced when compared to Xiaomi Redmi series and other Chinese smartphone brands. Yes, That sounds true when you compare the specs but the build quality offered here is not offered by Chinese smartphone brands.So the next question what to buy?

So the next question what to buy?

Buying Nokia 6 is recommended if you are thinking to buy a Nokia smartphone.Nokia 6 has good build quality but I feel they should have opted for the other Snapdragon chipset.Snapdragon 430 is entry level chipset and other smartphone brands offer 625 chipsets at that price tag.If you are a normal user and you don't stick to gaming then Nokia 6 should be considered.If you're a gamer then Nokia 6 would be a good performer but you might observe frame drops and lags.So it is better to go with another smartphone with high-end specs offered in the same price tag.

One last thing to mention, Specs apart these things (particularly Nokia 6) are built to last.It has promised an update for Android O.If you're going with Nokia 6 you don't have to think of buying a phone at least 2years or even more.

If build quality is your main requirement here are some videos to demonstrate Nokia 6 build quality:



For those of you who need some comparison: Redmi Note 3

Source :

Drop test:  Nokia 6 vs Nokia 3310(Old)


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So what do you think? Is it worth buying a Nokia smartphone ? would you like to buy one?

Let us know in the comments.



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