Share your Screen : Android to Another Android , PC to Android

Here are some useful apps that can help you share your android screen to another android , PC Screen to Android , Android Screen to PC.

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We generally face situations where we need to access a remote computer usually to download, edit a file or sometimes helping your dumb friend to download a movie.There are plenty of desktop applications that can help you access remote PC and I know Teamviewer is already in your mind.But what about your android mobile? Is there any way to share your android phone screen to another android phone? or sharing your android screen to your PC or vice-versa.So here we bring a list of apps and methods to answer your "Sharing my screen questions".

1.Share Android Screen to Another Android

2.Share Android Screen to PC

3.Share PC Screen to Android

4.Share PC screen to PC  screen (I know most of you know this already, included it just to make this post a complete screen sharing guide.)

1. Share Android Screen to Another Android

Inkwire Screen Share + Assist can help you share your android screen to another android.The UI is straight forward and easy to use.It provides two buttons, a button to share your screen and a button to access the shared screen.We've tested the app and we felt the app can be more productive if it had a bit more features and little performance improvements.

The app also provides voice chat feature while sharing screens and however it sometimes a bit laggy and crashes in middle but this is just the version 1.0 so we can expect a lot of improvements by the developer ClockworkMod.

So give the app a try.You can comment what is your opinion.

Download Inkwire Screen Share + Assist

Here is the procedure for sharing and accessing android screen

1.Open the Inkwire App on Phone 1 and Phone 2

(We will share the Phone1 screen and Phone 2 accesses the shared screen. 

2. On Phone 1 press the Share button.You will see a 12 digit access code which you have to share with the Phone 2.

3.Now on Phone 2 press the Access button and enter the 12 digit access code and tap the access button and you can also enable voice chat in the next screen.


2. Share your Android phone screen to PC

Airdroid helps you control your Android phone from lets you check messages, call logs, notifications, access and transfer images, videos, music, access camera and also to install apps from pc.

Airmirror is a feature on Airdroid which lets you share your android screen to pc and also lets you control it with your pc and you don't need any USB connection for this.

Here is a detailed post on Airdroid 

Airmirror allows you to control your android from Pc, Mac, and Web

Download Airdroid from play store.


3. Share PC Screen to Android phone

1. Install Teamviewer on PC and on your android



2. Open Teamviewer on PC and Mobile 

3.Enter the PC Teamviewer ID in the Teamviewer Mobile App and tap on connect.

4.Enter Password and you can now control your PC from your mobile.

4. Accessing Remote PC with Teamviewer

1.Make sure both PC have the same version of Teamviewer Installed.

2.Open Teamviewer on your PC and enter the Partner ID (Remote PC ID) and press connect.

3.When prompted enter the password and press connect.

You can sign up for a TeamViewer account and you'll have your device list to directly connect without the need of entering the ID for every connection.

So do you know any other apps like this?

You can tell us about cool and useful apps, tricks that you know in the comments. 



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