Stream Online Videos,Movies and YouTube Videos with MX Player.

Here are some simple methods to play online web embed and YouTube videos using the MX Player.MX Player is one of the best player available for android.

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We browse the internet and often we come to a point where we have to stream a video or movie online and we have to use the default HTML 5 player and the interface is not so impressive or have to enable auto-rotate to view the video in full screen.MX Player is one of the best and popular video player for android and it has a very simple interface to adjust volume, brightness and supports most of the video formats.So why not use your favorite player to stream online content? You don't have to download the video to play it through MX Player you can just stream the video using MX Player.

Here are simple methods to help you stream online videos using MX Player.

Stream Online Videos and Movies Using MX Player 

# Method 1: UC Browser


1.UC  Browser 

2.MX Player

UC Browser is one of the best and popular browsers available for android with lots of features.You can download the browser from play store.

UC Browser-Download from Playstore.


1.Download and Install UC Browser(If you're already a user follow from step 2).

2.Browse and open your favorite web page with embed Movie or Video

3. Play the video and use the three dot menu to play the video with another app.

4.Select MX Player  (You can also select any another video player app).

Stream Videos with MX Player Without Downloading.

Method 2: Using Download Button

Here is another method you use to play online videos using MX Player.You don't need any app for this method and you can use any browser but you would need a download button.

1.Open the browser and navigate to the page with video and a download button.

2.Copy the link address of the download button

3.Open MX Player and click on Network stream from the three-dot menu.

4.Paste the link and click ok.

Some links redirect to a web page and you might encounter a can't play link message.

You can avoid this problem using a download manager android app.



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