Tips to Create a Secure Password That You can Remember.

Some tips for creating a strong and secured password for your account.Different methods which you can follow to create strong password that you can remember.

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With the tremendous increase in usage of internet services, we have to remember a lot of passwords.And do you think your password is secure? We always encounter "Choose a Strong Password" advice whenever you're signing up a new account in a website or an app.Most people create a secure password but fail to remember them.Here are some tips for creating secure passwords which you can remember easily.

Even a Naive can hack your account

Are you using your phone number, name or your roll number as a password? Even a naive can hack your account.Here is a list of most some common passwords

1. password
2. 12345678
3. qwerty

Don't use common passwords

How does a Hacker crack a password?.

The Hacker uses a tool that checks all possible combinations of numbers, dictionary words, common passwords to crack a password.

Here are some methods for creating secure passwords:

Traditional Method:

* Includes at least one Upper Case Letter, Number, Symbol and Lower Case Letters.

* Don't use Dictionary Words

* At least 8characters

So you can create a password like #H@sh123

Looks like a strong password right? You know it takes just 9 HOURS for a computer to guess this password.

Check your Password:

Creating a strong and memorable password:

Consider this phrase "Be sure to use a strong password"

You can make this into a password: Besutousastpa (First Two characters of each word from the phrase.)


According to it takes 16 THOUSAND YEARS to crack this password

Let's add a symbol

"Besutousastpa@" Now it's 29 MILLION YEARS

To remember you can just remember the phrase "Be sure to use a strong password".

And never use the same password for all your accounts.

Diceware Passphrase Generator:

Instead of using a password you can use a passphrase.A passphrase is just a password made of words you can remember.Diceware passphrase generator uses a wordlist and on random memorable words are selected to create a passphrase.

Here is a Diceware passphrase generated from


You can remember the words easily and the passphrase is secure too.

It is not about how strong your password is it has to be unique.Avoid using the same password for different accounts.

Using a secure password is just the first step and there are other ways which hacker can use to steal your password or access your account.

Keep your computer free from malware and spyware, Never share your passwords with anyone, Avoid unsecured sites and beware of the phishing sites, Never try password hacking software you 'll end up losing your account.  


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