Tweak your kernel to maximize Android performance.

What is Android Kernel? How you can Flash a Custom Kernel and Tweak it to improve Battery Life,Graphics and over all Android performance.So let's get started.

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Android Kernel


A Kernel is a component in your Android device which manages the communication between your device hardware and has complete control over everything that occurs in your device.Android Kernel is based on linux kernel.The stock kernel used on your smartphones and tablets is already optimized by the device manfacturer to provide good performance and battery life.

Android can offer you great customization,From simple things like changing your default apps to something more complex like flashing your custom ROM or flashing a custom kernel. 

You can check your kernel version that your device is currently using.

Goto Settings > About Phone > Kernel version


Flashing a custom kernel can improve android performance or fix other issues that your manufacturer hasn't attended.Before flashing a custom kernel you have to do a bit of research and see which features best suits for your device and most importantly you should choose kernel which supports your device.Some kernels are said to overcharge your device  to improve battery life however, overcharging your battery make it unstable or shorten it's life time.So, you have to choose a kernel which is compatible with your device and best in its features,offering you good stability and performance.

Flashing a custom kernel

When you've downloaded a custom kernel which is compatible with your device you have to flash it to your device.The process is similar to flashing a new rom,you device should be rooted and should have a custom recovery.if you're device is already rooted you can flash a recovery with Flashify.I'll be using TWRP custom recovery here.

Download and Install Flashify.

Choose a custom recovery to download - TWRP is recommended.

From settings menu choose reboot to recovery.Grant superuser permissions to confirm reboot to recovery.

When custom recovery is loaded choose Install and choose the Kernel file you've downloaded (It must be a Zip File) and confirm flashing the file.

it takes some time to complete,after that wipe the device cache and reboot.

Kernel Tweaks 

You can configure your Android kernel settings,Kernel Adiutor (ROOT) is one of the best kernel editors i have used so far so i would recommend you to go for this.

Install the app and grant the required root permissions.As you can see it allows you to change Maximum-Minimum CPU Frequency,Shows you which CPU Cores are currently active.

The CPU Governor is used to set how your android's cpu reacts when it has to perform certain tasks there are different settings for CPU Governor.

  • On Demand CPU Governor:Uses maximum cpu when needed and drops to minimum at idle states.
  • Hotplug Governor:Similar to OnDemand, available on Multi-core devices.
  • Some CPU Governor are said to save battery and offer good performance so you can research before choosing a setting.

    There are a hundred CPU Governor settings you can google to know about them.

    As you can see it also some other different tweaks for battery,low memory killer,virtual memory,misc controls and tweaks to optimize GPU performance.

    Low memory killer allows you to configure how your device manages the avaliable RAM i,e you can configure when your device has to start killing apps.

    You have to enable Apply on boot so that the app automatically applies the settings whenever you start your device.

    There are more options available,we covered the most useful ones here these options may differ depending on your device.




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