8 Very Handy and Useful Websites You Should Know About.

Here is a list of most useful and very handy websites on the internet.These websites can help you change the way you use the internet.

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We surf a lot on the internet and sometimes we come across websites where you have to signup before you can download a file you requested and we use your email to signup and later we see a lot of spam hitting our inbox. Is there any way to skip creating accounts?and there are a lot of situations like these which ruin the user experience.Are there any tools to skip these situations and save time? 

After a lot of googling, I compiled a list of handy and useful websites.

#1 Mailinator


A website to create a temporary email address with just one step and you can receive emails to the Mailinator inbox.This public email inbox is automatically cleared after a few hours.This website comes handy when you want your real email address spam-free.You can just open a Mailinator inbox to signup or whatever and your real email is spam free.Mailinator Inbox is automatically cleared after a few hours.


#2 Pixlr - Online Photo Editor


I have seen a lot of photo editors online but this one is the best one and Options and tools provided are very similar to Adobe Photoshop.This tool comes handy when you need to edit a photo and you don't want to waste your time installing software.

 #3 Get Notify - Email Tracking Service


Get Notify helps you track the emails sent by you.You just have to add myfreind@gmail.getnotify.com while sending the email and no worry it will be delivered to myfriend@gmail.com and nobody knows you are tracking the email.When your friend opens and reads the email you'll receive a notification from GetNotify.


 #4 PrintFriendly


 Converts a web page into a print friendly document.You can download the document as pdf or send it as an email or directly print it.A Browser Extension is available.

#5 Zamzar Online Conversion Tool 


Free online conversion tool supporting a lot of formats including videos, music, documents, images and lot of video presets.


#6 Instructables


One of the popular website for instructions on building things.You can find instructions and alternative methods of building anything contributed by a community of creators.Most of you would have already known this but you know it's a worthy mention. 


 #7 iFixit -  Free Repair Manual


Website with a lot of repair manuals, tools, and guides.You can search for a product on iFixit to access its repair manuals and other information.


#8 Namechk - Find an available Username 


Namechk helps you find an available username across most popular social networking sites and display the result.you can also download the result in CSV Format.Apart from usernames the website also displays available domains and provides API for developers.

 If you find this post useful let us know in the comments we'll be posting a second list of useful websites.

 Tell us about other websites that you know in the comments. 



10 months ago

Nice article,I especially like the mailinator, iFixit and instrutables websites thanks for your useful article.


10 months ago

Thank you!

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