Vivaldi Web Browser with powerful features and unique customization

Web browser for power users with great features and unique customization,An alternative for chrome,firefox,opera and other web browsers.

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A Glance On Vivaldi Web Browser

Vivaldi is a new web browser offering lots of customization features unlike the other web browser vivaldi has been targeting power users,geeks.While most of web browsers try to simplify the browsing experience vivaldi is offering powerful customization for shaping the user interface according to the user needs.

Story of vivaldi web browser started when opera shutdown its virtual community in March 2014.Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner then started the vivaldi virtual community and launched the web browser on January 2015.


1. Minimalistic user interface with color scheme that changes based on web page you can call this "Immersive webpage view" in one word.

2. You can change fonts,tab positioning,background,address bar and start pages.

3. A Web Panels [Sidepanel] for quick access of bookmarks,folders,downloads,notes and also tweets,facebook & blog posts.

4. Task Manager

5. Quick Commands let you search through open tabs, bookmarks, history, settings and more with one single keyboard shortcut.

6. Tab Stacks lets you group tab together.

7. Notes and Screen Shots while browsing. 

8.Tab Tiling can also help you view two web pages at the same time.

9.Mouse Gestures

10.Visual Tabs to preview tab contents, without leaving the page you are on.

11.Rewind and Fastforward lets you quickly jump to last or the first page if you have viewed a number of pages.

12.You can Save Current Session and reopen it later.

13. Bookmark Nicknames for faster access of bookmarked pages.

14.Tab Cycling lets you switch between tabs and easily.

Other features include Trash,Fraud Protection,Don''t Track me,Speed Dial Groups..etc.


A bit slower when compared to other web browser but this may be fixed in the coming versions.

Future additions

Vivaldi Technologies team is planning to add the " Vivaldi Sync " feature which lets the users to synchronise bookmarks,passwords across different computers.Also the company hopes to integrate an email client in the future releases.They are also planning to release their own extension platform for vivaldi as the current version is running on chrome extension platform. 

You can download the vivaldi browser from


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